Water absorbing performance of AQUA-BOY
remains the same after 12 years
Water absorbing performance of AQUA-BOY due to enfrared rays and temperature of 135 or higher. At the request of a sustomer, we performed absorption testing of AQUA-BOY which had been stored in a carton box for 10-14 years. The results are shown below. AQUA-BOY has an extremely long lifespan. Testing has proved that AQUA-BOY will still performe even when atored for long years. The value of AQUA-BOY dosen't change even when stockpiling large number of the product.
  Water absorption performance curve for LL-1 produced in 2002
(Using 18 city water)
material[Tiproduced in 2004j
material[Uiproduced in 2004j
material[Videsign valuej
material[Citested in 2014Decj
Data sample Aug.13,2010
Testing site:Meico Labo
Data sample: Aug 13.2010
Testing site: Meico Labo
time left in water

ObservationsF F Material[Twas already stained brown before testing. Furthermore, when compared to Material-U the water absorption characteristic curve falls noticeablity. Therefore, it is likely that the product was taken out of its packaging during the 10-year period.
F Material[Uhas an initial water absorption speed slower than the design value. However, the water absorption scale factor sufficiently astisfied the initial performance.
F We were very much surprised to know that the perfoumance of AQUA-BOY dosen't change even past 12 years after production.This would be very big advantage as a security products to be storaged.