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Large Quantities of Water Absorption Bag "Aqua-Boy" Shipped to the Fukushima and Onagawa Nuclear Power Plants

"Aqua-Boy" water absorption bags have come into widespread use at the Fukushima(TEPCO) and Onagawa (Tohoku Electric) nuclear power plants. both which were damaged by the recent earthquake and tsunami. Aqua-Boy are prized for their excep-tionally fast water absorbing speed and for being able to absorb extraordinarily large volume of water. In addition, due to the capillary effect of their ultra-absorbent sheets. they can be used in very narrow and complicated spaces,sucking up water from flooded areas like a pump.

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Not just Sandbag Substitutes But Real High-Tech. Aqua-Boys Used in the Tokyo skytree

The most important characteristics of the "Aqua-Boy" are water absorbing speed and volume. Due to these exceptional qualities, they have been placed above ceilings and under floors in order to safeguard NTT communications facilities and supercomputers against possible water leakages. But they're not just sandbag substitutes; they also serve a useful purpose in high-tech fields. For example, they have now also been employed in large quantities in the digital broadcasting facilities positioned 380 meters up the Tokyo skytower.

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